A mission statement is critical to a company because it is a brief statement that spells out an organization’s purpose and helps guide a company’s overall strategy and goals. It helps guide the company internally as well as defines for the potential customer what the organization is all about. Core principles are also important to take the time to think about and craft. This will help shape culture and influence how your company will respond to decisions that need to be made.

Helps Define Company

The mission statement reminds everyone why the company exists and what they are setting out to do to help the company succeed. It is the framework for thinking throughout the organization. This helps employees understand what they are working towards and align their work habits with the overall goals of the company.

When Coming Up With a Mission Statement

A good mission statement includes what the primary purpose of the business is. It is best not to use technical terms or flashy vocabulary when you are writing your statement. A mission statement is not a slogan, it is what defines your business. You want to make sure that you communicate a clear message to both your employees and the people that you are hoping to service. Remember that as your company grows you goals will change, so your mission will develop as you do. It is important to check to make sure that your mission statement aligns with what the company is doing now and you remember to change this over time. While a mission statement is only a sentence or two it is important that you set aside a good amount of time to craft one.

Make sure that your mission statement answers these questions:

  • What service are you providing?
  • What audience are you trying to speak to?
  • What image are you hoping to portray?
  • What principles or beliefs are guiding your business?
  • How do you differ from your competitors?

Your mission will be your point of reference for guiding strategy, educating employees and customers, as well as welcomes change.

Core Values

Core values are also an important thing to have to help customers and employees understand the values of a company and what the work that they should be doing stands for. They really shape organizational culture and set the tone for what your company will embody. It influences employee’s overall behavior in what they do and helps to set goals for their work ethic as well. This also helps to communicate to your customers what your company values. Core values should never be compromised and help in the decision making process in everything that you do. Listing a million values will not be good for your company because your values need to be clearly defined and having too many will hinder the company culture since no one will quite know what is going on.

They are also important to the hiring process for the business. Making sure that you hire someone that aligns with the values your company has set so that they fit in with the culture and the team is vital for the success of your company.

Overall taking the time to write out a quality mission statement as well as deciding on the core principles of a business is vital to the continued success of a company. These words, although brief in length, help to define company culture, influence decisions, and motivate employees.