People often ask how to become an entrepreneur.  The first thing I tell them, make the decision that entrepreneurship is what you want.

Create Structure.

Without a schedule, things slip through the cracks. If you don’t have a plan, it’s going to be a lot harder to make things come together. Some entrepreneurs have the vision but not the details; others are better at the execution of details but not the vision. Whichever is your strength, leverage it first.  Everyone has different methods to develop their idea. Whether it’s pen and paper, computer notes, or phone calendar, use a structure to keep yourself moving in the right direction.

Tackle the toughest projects first.

I know this is easier said than done, but the tough projects and tough questions, make or break entrepreneurs in their early stages.

Get active.

Those endorphins boost your energy and increase focus. Just ask Robert Pozen at HuffPost – he discusses how exercise increases productivity in this article. I have always loved sports so sometimes for me it’s just shooting a few hoops to unwind or kick off my day. The choice is yours.

Get a leg up on tomorrow.

Again – I know this can sound ominous. You might be telling yourself, I can only do so much in 24 hours so why bite off more than I can chew. It’s not going to work every day, but in a lot of ways, this just comes back to organization. If you have a big meeting tomorrow, build prep time into your schedule today. Make sure your plan sets you up to check things off your to-do list. Try to live by the ‘If you’re not early, you’re late’ motto. When you’re building a business, there’s no time to waste.

Continue to grow.

No one knows everything and no one ever will. To be successful, you need to evolve with the times. Currently, technology changes almost every industry at a rapid pace. To stay sharp, you need to keep your brain as active your body. Read a blog, listen to a podcast or crack open a book for just a small window each day. This habit creates a chance for you also to escape the chaos that is entrepreneurship.

As Tom Corley found in his study of successful people, “A whopping 88 percent of rich people in Corley’s research say they devote thirty minutes or more each day to education or self-improvement through reading.” Think of this as a chance to recharge your batteries.

Do what you love.

This is the most obvious and also the most important habit. If you don’t love what you do, burnout is inevitable. From the words of business mogul and billionaire, Richard Branson, “For me, building a business is all about doing something to be proud of, bringing talented people together and creating something that’s going to make a real difference to other people’s lives.