As entrepreneurs, we are working around the clock to get our work done and achieve our dreams. While working long hours is part of being an entrepreneur, it is important that those hours are productive and that everything that needs to be accomplished for the day, is.

First 30 Minutes and Last 30 Minutes

Take the first 30 minutes of your day to plan what you want to accomplish. Whether that be a big project, or just catching up on more minor tasks it is important to block out times in your schedule in order to keep yourself on task. At the end of your day take the last 30 minutes to assess what all was completed and what needs to be transferred for the next day. You won’t always be able to get everything done you hope to accomplish, so making sure you plan time for those activities and not just add them on your never ending to do list to never be crossed off is important.

Plan For Anything and Plan Ahead

The most common reason that you get off track is probably because something comes up, an urgent email is sent into your inbox, a phone call comes up, or you are pulled into a meeting. When you are planning out your schedule make sure to leave open slots for anything that might come up and not stick to such a tight schedule that one little mishap can throw everything off.

Set Up Deadlines

Deadlines are a huge motivator for anyone but especially for entrepreneurs who have multiple projects going on. If you don’t set a timeline for yourself more times than not you can keep pushing it off because technically it is “not due” yet. By giving yourself a deadline, you can see how long it takes you to finish a task as well as set up your calendar accordingly. Knowing how you work as well as how fast you work is an important part of being able to have great time management.

Having good time management skills is key to being successful, especially as an entrepreneur. Knowing yourself and how you work as well as setting a schedule are great ways to stay on task.