Technology is changing the way we think about sports from athletic training to business decisions. There are amazing things happening in the sport and tech industry that is creating a lot of advancement and opening up a lot more opportunities. I am excited to see the way that both athletes use this technology as well as businesses in the sport industry are using this technology to make better decisions for their clients.

Improve Training

Technology is helping athletes understand how to train their bodies better. Using technology like Virtual Reality has helped athletes make smarter decisions about what muscles are important and also where improvement is needed the most. Trainers can now develop unique training sessions for their athletes in order to maximize their workouts and make sure they are the most beneficial to the goals of the athlete. Video projection and swing analysis is making it possible for athletes to analyze errors in their game and improve their technique.

Team Performance

Traditionally, coaches would have to formulate plays and team line up based on instinct and testing out many different formulas. Technology is making it possible to collect and analyze big data in order to make the best decisions possible when it comes to playing against different teams, knowing what training to focus on, and knowing which players work best together. Technology is having a tremendous effect on the way coaches and scouts pick players and formulate game plans.

The Way Fans View Sports

Technology is also changing the fan experience and making it easier for fans to have access to their favorite teams and players. Social media is changing the way that fans are able to interact with players and stay connected to what they are doing and how they are training. This is also creating a more dedicated fan base all year long rather than just during a team’s season. In addition, it is becoming easier for fans to not only get tickets to games but also view games. With high definition, virtual reality, sport cable packages and online ticket sales fans are finding it easier to feel like they are at the game, have access to their favorite teams even when they aren’t in the area, as well as easily access tickets to experience the game live.

As technology continues to develop it is improving the way that sports are being trained for, teams are being picked, as well as the fan experience. It is an exciting place to be in right now and I can’t wait to see future developments and how technology continues to change the game.