Playing sports at any level (elementary, high school, or collegiate) have an overwhelming amount of benefits to your health, personal life, as well as your career. Not only do they keep you in shape, they also help train you in essential skills that you need to be successful later in life.


Learning how to work with a team is an invaluable skill for an employee to possess. Playing sports teaches that working together as a team will get you better results every time rather than just every man for themselves. The same thought process can be applied when working for a company, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and you need to be able to work together and hold each other accountable in order to be successful. Being able to work collaboratively with others to produce the best results will set you apart from others in the workplace.

Decision Making

When playing sports, typically you only have a couple of seconds during playtime to make decisions on whether or not to shoot that goal or pass the ball. In addition, deciding which play to make that will help you win the game is also a skill you learn while playing sports. The same skills can be transferred to the work environment. Quick decision making as well as good decision making is key to a company. Being able to develop successful strategies as well as having good intuition is not something that can be taught overnight.

Hard Work Pays Off

Another thing that sports teaches you is that if you put in the hard work it will payoff. If you put in the time to improve your skills then you will see the progress and the success that comes with putting in the work. In translation to helping your career, you see the results that happen when you work hard and the results that don’t when you slack off. Knowing that consistent hard work will get you very far in your career and make you standout among other employees.

Sports set you up for success in the career world by teaching you valuable skills and helping you develop business skills that will set you apart from the competition in the business world.