2014 Redwing Leader – Tavio Hobson

Tavio Hobson is the founder and Executive Director of the A PLUS Youth Program, a Seattle-based non-profit designed to use sports as a vehicle to provide the educational resources and character development necessary for student-athletes to succeed in life. For more info, please visit http://www.aplusyouthprogram.org/ We are honored to recognize Tavio for all that he continues to do for our community!

A PLUS was founded in 2009 it was founded on the idea that if you can engage a kid first you can reach them with something they’re passionate about you can surround them with the services and the support necessary for them to achieve greatness.

All of our kids are passionate about sports. that’s the hook that brings them in but the reality is sports only does so much for you. it’s the power of sport that we use the surrounding with life skills and transferable skills and character development and you know strong academic foundation. those are the things are going to service them and that are going to be useful for them far after their athletic careers. All of our staff exemplify a plus values so when we say that we value the idea of making our kids students first an athlete second all of our staff exemplify that all of our stuff understand the importance of the wrap around services we provide.

Coaches Engaging Kids in Sports and Academia

“Next time you’re go on the floor or the next time you go to practice and everything you do is to include this homework session I expect the best effort today.”

“It’s all about effort and just as ever or lack thereof is contagious on the court effort or lack thereof is also contagious in this academic session. I know some of you are new to the team but the expectation is for every minute you put on the court you spend an equal minute in classroom.”

Tavio Hobson and A PLUS

“Tavio is bringing this this organization is concept of not just mentoring not just academics and tutoring but also athletics something that has not been done to this city and to communities that need it.” – Jennifer Rance, Sports As A Vehicle Coalition Director, A PLUS Youth Program

My leadership style really relies on great people so I think my best quality is that I’m able to get great people around me. We have a phenomenal staff and it’s our team that’s able to get the things done. It’s our team that’s constantly able to come together and and drive this mission forward.

“Tavio Hobson is not only this leader in the nonprofit world, creating change within the community from a social aspect but he’s also a businessman. He’s a businessman who has this entrepreneurial feel to how he connects in the nonprofit world and works with the kids in the community.” – Jennifer Rance

I’m passionate about youth development I’m passionate about sports and I’m passionate about education because I’m passionate about those things a plus as a natural fit for me. It’s something that I wake up every day excited to do and i understand that my life only means something and finally able to do something that impacts others lives

“He’s here to give them hope and inspiration and just even the thought that anything literally is possible he’s opening doors. Tavio Hobson is opening doors and he’s making dreams come true.”

There’s no more important honor, there’s no more important task than to help shape the life another person.