Each successful entrepreneur has faced different obstacles and used different strategies that have helped position their business to reach higher levels of success. Looking at their trajectory and taking note on what valuable insight you can gain can help realize your potential. There is a lot to be gained from seeking mentorship to help inspire and make more strategic decisions on your on path.

1. Steve Blank

Steve Blank is a professor of entrepreneurship at many universities and his blog is a great resource for entrepreneurs at all levels of experience. He tackles topics like ‘what it is actually like to be a CEO’, ‘how to begin your start-up’ and includes helpful lessons, graphs, and easily lays out what you should take away from each post and how to apply it to your current or future situation.

2. Pando

Pando is a blog created by Sarah Lacy and features interviews and news about all things Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs flock to this blog to find inspiration and read interviews from some of the most successful entrepreneurs. This blog is great for those interested in tech as well as big things happening within Silicon Valley.

3. QuickSprout

Neil Patel was recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 and has many great insights to share on his blog, QuickSprout. He helps companies on how to grow their revenue (Amazon, GM, HP are just some of the many companies he has helped) and his blog is considered one of the most influential in the entrepreneur space. He gives valuable advice on how to optimize your website, market yourself effectively online, and turn leads into conversions.

4. Venture Hacks

Venture Hacks is a great blog to learn about all things business and entrepreneur. With valuable advice on how to pick a business partner to how to raise capital for your company you can find the information you are looking for to gain success. Created by Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant, both entrepreneur, investors, and startup advisors, the blog is chalked full of advice from them as well as other influential and successful entrepreneurs.